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Alanine Aminotransferase Reagent (Kinetic)

Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT, SGPT) liquid reagent kinetic (BQ004D-CR) assay can be utilised for the in vitro quantitative measurement of alanine aminotransferase in serum samples.

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150 tests.

£ 250.00

SGPT, ALT Liquid Reagent (Kinetic)

Assay Range: 0-500 U/L at 37 °C.
Sensitivity: 1.8 U/L.
Species: Human
Method: Kinetic
Test Size: 150 tests. (5 x 25 + 5 x 5 ml)
Sample Type: Serum

The below enzymatic reaction sequence is employed by this Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT, SGPT) reagent assay:

Reagents Supplied: 150 tests. (5 x 25 + 5 x 5 ml).
ALT Liquid Reagent 1 and 2 are both clear, colourless liquid in ready to use format. After combining ALT Liquid R1 (Buffer Reagent) and ALT Liquid R2 (Co-Enzyme) the below working reagent is formed:
- Tris Buffer, pH 7.5 100mmol/L
- L-Alanine 500mmol/L
- LDH > 1200U/L
- NADH (Disodium salt) 0.18mmol/L
- 2 – Oxoglutarate 15mmol/L
- Stabilizers and Preservatives

Performance Characteristics of this SGPT, ALT liquid reagent assay kit:
1. Comparison: A group of 128 sera ranging in ALT activity from 7-625 U/L was assayed by the described ALT liquid reagent method and by a similar commercially available ALT reagent. Comparison of the results yielded a correlation coefficient of 0.999 and the regression equation was y = 0.960 x + 3.2. (Comparison studies were performed according to NCCLS Tentative Guideline, EP9-T.)
2. Linearity: Linear to 500 U/L at 37 °C. Performed according to NCCLS Guidelines of EP6-P.
3. Sensitivity: Based on an instrument resolution of A = 0.001, this SGPT, ALT reagent assay method presented shows a sensitivity of 1.8 U/L.

Expected Values:
Normal Range: 3 - 35 U/L (37 °C)

Interfering Substances when ALT, SGPT liquid reagent assay kit is used:
(1). Bilirubin levels up to 40 mg/Dl.
(2). Triglyceride levels up to 2000 mg/dL.
(3). Hemolysis must be avoided.
(4). Certain drugs and other substances.

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