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Albumin Reagent Set

Albumin liquid reagent set (BQ002-CR) is a colorimetric assay that is intended for quantitative analysis of human albumin amounts in serum.

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480 tests

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Albumin reagent set

Assay Range: 0.5 - 8.0g/dl.
Sensitivity: 0.005 g/dl.
Species: Human
Method: Colorimetric
Test Size: 480 tests. (4 x 120ml)
Sample Type: Serum

- Serum albumin reagent assay has been found to selectively bind to the bromcresol green dye at pH 4.2.
- Absorbance of the albumin-dye complex formed can be read at 630 nm. The reading obtained is directly proportional to the albumin concentration.

Reagents Supplied: 480 tests. (4 x 120ml)
a. Bromcresol Green (BCG) which is made up of:
- 0.25 mM, buffer pH 4.0 – 0.1
- surfactant.
- non-reactive ingredients.
- stabilizers.
b. Standard:
- Bovine Albumin Fraction V.
- plus stabilizer (5 g/dl).

Performance Characteristics:
1. Linearity of albumin liquid reagent assay: 0.5-8.0g/dl
2. Sensitivity: Based on an instrument resolution of A = 0.001 the present method has a sensitivity of 0.005 g/dl.
3. Comparison: A comparison study performed between this method and another BCG method resulted in a correlation coefficient of 0.99 with a regression equation of y = 0.96 x + 0.1

Expected Values:
3.5 - 5.3 g/dl

Interfering Substances:
- Ampicillin and other medications seriously interfere with the dye-binding properties used in this albumin liquid reagent assay.
- It is also recommended that only controls and standards containing human albumin be employed with this procedure.
- The dye-binding properties of albumin from various species have been found to differ widely.

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