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Alkaline Phosphatase Reagent Set (Kinetic) Maximize

Alkaline Phosphatase Reagent Set (Kinetic)

Alkaline Phosphatase liquid reagent set (Kinetic)(BQ003D-CR) is an assay for detecting quantitatively human alkaline phosphatase concentrations in serum samples.

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150 tests

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Alkaline Phosphatase Liquid Reagent Set

Assay Range: 0-900 IU/L
Species: Human
Method: Kinetic
Test Size: 150 tests
Sample Type: Serum

The below enzymatic sequence is employed in this Alkaline-Phosphatase liquid reagent assay:

Reagents Supplied: (150 tests)
Combine both R1 and R2 reagents as per instruction, the resulting reagent will contain the following:
- p-Nitrophenyl Phosphate 17 mM.
- Buffer (pH 10.2 ± 0.2).
- Magnesium Ions 4 mM.
- Activator and binder.

Performance Characteristics:
1. Linearity: 900 IU/L.
2. Comparison: A group of 94 sera ranging in alkaline phosphatase values from 26.5 - 688 IU/L was assayed by this Alkaline-Phosphatase liquid reagent assay method and a similar commercially available reagent. Comparison of the results yielded a correlation coefficient of 0.997 and the regression equation was y = 1.290 x - 5.89. (Comparison studies were performed according to NCCLS Tentative Guidelines, Ep9-T).

Expected Values:
Adults 25 - 90 IU/L at 37 °C.

Interfering Substances:
Below substances have been shown to inhibit Alkaline-Phosphatase liquid reagent set.
- Citrate,
- Fluoride
- Oxalate.

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