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Androstenedione Free In Saliva ELISA Kit

Androstenedione Free Saliva ELISA Kit (DESLV4780) an in vitro colorimetric procedure to quantitatively analyse amounts of androstenedione free present using saliva samples.

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96 wells

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Androstenedione Free Saliva ELISA Kit

Specificity : Human, Saliva
Sensitivity : 5 pg/mL
Assay Range : 0-1000 pg/ml
Size: 96 tests

Reagents Supplied:
- Androstenedione Coated Microtiter Plate [96 Wells]
- Androstenedione Standards [5x 1ml vials]
- TMB Substrate Solution [1x 12ml]
- Enzyme Conjugate [1x 0.4ml]
- Stop Solution  [1x 12ml]
- Incubation Buffer  [1x 30ml]

This androstenedione free saliva ELISA is a competitive solid phase enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. As it is necessary to perform the determination in duplicate, prepare two wells for each of the five points of the standard curve (S0-S4), two for each sample, one for Blank.
[1]. Add 50μl [Sample or Standard S0-S4] or 0μl for Blank.
[2]. Follow by 150μl dilute conjugate.
[3]. Incubate at +37°C for 1 hour. Remove the contents from each well. Wash the wells with 300 μL of distilled water. Repeat the washing procedure by draining the water completely.
[4]. Add 100μl TMB Substrate, Incubate in the dark at room temperature 22 °C - 28 °C for 15 minutes.
[5]. Stop the reaction by adding 100μl of stop solution.
[6]. Read the absorbance (E) at 450 nm against Blank.

Intended Use:
Androstenedione Free In Saliva ELISA is a colorimetric competitive immunoenzymatic procedure which can be used for quantitative measurement of Androstenedione free levels in saliva.

The cross reaction of the antibody calculated at 50% according to Abraham is shown below.
- Androstenedione Saliva  [100%]
-Testosterone  [1.2%]
- Epitestosterone  [0.2%]
- 5α-dihydrotestosterone  [0.1%]
- DHEA  [0.1%]
- Progesterone  [1x10 -3 %]
- Estrone  [1x10-3 %]
- Cortisol  [1x10-3 %]

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