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Human AFP ELISA Kit (EL10049) is a method intended for quantitative determination of alphafetoprotein (AFP) levels in-vitro.

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96 wells

£ 390.00

Human Alphafetoprotein ELISA Kit [AFP]

Specificity : Human
Sensitivity : Below 2.0ng/mL
Assay Range : 2.0-400ng/mL
Size: 96 tests.

Reagents Supplied:
- Human Alphafetoprotein Microtiter Plate  [96 Wells]
- Human AFP Standard  [6 vials]
- Human AFP Conjugate  [12ml]
- Substrate A  [11ml]
- Substrate B  [11ml]
- Zero Buffer [15ml]
- Wash Buffer 20x [60ml]
- Stop Solution [14ml]

Intended Use:
Human AFP ELISA Kit is a procedure which is designed for in vitro quantitative determination of human alphafetoprotein (AFP) concentrations in serum.

The mimimum detection level obtained for this assay is 2.0ng/mL.

This human alphafetoprotein ELISA is useful in detecting either recombinant and or natural MCAF.

This exhibits no cross reactivity with any of the following substances (human specific): CEA, HCG, PSA, CA153, CA125 or serum albumin.

International Calibration Standard:
Human AFP ELISA kit has been calibrated against NIBSC AFP 1st international standard (Case Number. 75/225).

Expected Normal Values:
Analysis of normal healthy individuals provided the following results. Serum or plasma samples (n=50): the average obtained was greater than 10ng/mL.

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    Detailed protocol insert for this ELISA kit for Human Alphafetoprotein (AFP)
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