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Oxytocin ELISA Kit

Oxytocin ELISA Kit (RE52331) is a quantitative procedure that is intended to detect concentration of oxytocin within a number of different samples.

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96 wells

£ 430.00

Oxytocin ELISA Kit

Specificity : Plasma, Tissue Culture Media, Serum, Milk
Sensitivity : 15.6 pg/mL.
Assay Range : 15.6 - 1000 pg/mL.
Size: 96 tests

Reagents Supplied:
- Microtiterwells [96 Wells](break apart) strips
- Oxytocin Conjugate   [5ml]
- Oxytocin Antibody  [5ml]
- Assay Buffer  [27ml]
- Wash Buffer Concentrate  [27ml]
- Oxytocin Standard   [0.5ml]
- pNpp Substrate  [20ml]
- Stop Solution  [5ml]
- Plate Sealer  [1x]
- Assay Layout Sheet  [1x]

Key Features:
[1]. Method:  ELISA
[2]. Kit Size: 12x8 Break apart strips.
[3]. Standard Range: 15.6 – 1000 pg/ml
[4]. Incubation Time: 1 x 18 h, 1 x 1 h
[5]. Substrate: PNPP 405 nm
[6]. Volumes/Specimen: 100μl serum, saliva, plasma, milk culture media
[7]. Regulatory Status: Research Use Only

Intended Use:
Oxytocin ELISA Kit is an immunoassay procedure to quantitatively analyse levels of oxytocin in tissue culture media, plasma, serum or milk samples.

Competitive oxytocin ELISA immunoassay that can be used for quantitatively measuring levels of oxytocin in a sample. A polyclonal antibody is used to bind to oxytocin. The intensity of the bound yellow colour is inversely proportional to the amounts of oxytocin present. The measured optical density using the known oxytocin standard concentrations is used to calculate the concentration of unknown sample oxytocin.

Cross Reactivity:
- Mesotocin  [131%]
- Oxytocin  [100%]
- Arg8-Vasotocin  [42.2%]
- Oxytocin-SH  [15.4%]
- Lys8 and Arg8-Vasopressin-SH, Lys8-Vasopressin   [0.6%]
- Somatostatin, Met-Enkephalin, VIP, Arg8-Vasopressin, alpha ANP  [0.2%]
- Ser4, Ile8-Oxytocin, Growth Hormone, TRH, Tocinoic acid, Melanostatin   [0.2%]

Oxytocin is a neuro-hypophysial peptide which is found to be stored in the posterior pituitary and is produced by the hypothalamus. It is made up of nine amino acids which are linked with a disulfide bond and a carboxyamidated tail. It was first thought to be only found in the smooth muscles of females, however, recently, it has been shown have a role as a neurotransmitter, maintain sodium balance and renal water and a role in the male reproductive/ sexual behaviour.

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