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17-OH Progesterone ELISA Kit

Human 17-OH-progesterone ELISA Kit (RE52071) an in-vitro protocol for diagnostic determining levels of human 17-OH progesterone quantitatively.

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96 wells

£ 350.00

Human 17-OH Progesterone ELISA Kit

Specificity : Human
Sensitivity : 0.03ng/ml.
Assay Range : 0.15-20ng/ml.
Size: 96 tests

Reagents Supplied:
- Microtiter plate  [96 Wells]
- 17-OH Progesterone Standard A-G [1X 2ml & 6X 1ml]
- Human 17-OH progesterone Control 1+2  [2x 1ml]
- Washing Buffer Conc. 20x  [50ml]
- TMB Substrate Solution  [12ml]
- Stopping Solution  [12ml]
- Adhesive Foil  [3x]

Key Features:
[1]. Method:  ELISA
[2]. Kit Size: 96 Wells.
[3]. Standard Range:  0.15 – 20 ng/ml
[4]. Incubation Time: 1x 60 min, 1x 30 min.
[5]. Substrate: TMB 450nm
[6]. Volume/Specimen: 25μl serum or plasma
[7]. Regulatory Status: IVD, CE, EU, CDN

Intended Use:
This human ELISA for 17-OH-progesterone is an immunoassay designed for in vitro diagnostic quantitative detection of human 17-OH progesterone in human plasma or serum.

Solid phase ELISA protocol that is based on a competition principle where an unknown amount of antigen (sample) and a fixed amount of enzyme labelled antigen compete for the same binding sites which are coated onto the microwells. After incubation the wells are washed to stop the competition reaction. After the substrate reaction the intensity of the developed colour is inversely proportional to the amount of the antigen in the sample. Results of samples can be determined directly using the standard curve.

Specificity [Cross Reactivity (%)]:
- 17alpha-OH-Pregnenolone  [1.7%]
- Progesterone  [1.4%]
- 11-Desoxy-Cortisol   [1.3%]
- Desoxy-Corticosterone   [0.12%]
- Cortisol   [0.013%]
- Pregnenolone   [0.012%]

No interference was observed for the below substance at the concentrations shown:
- Bilirubin [0.33mg/ml]
- Triglcerides [0.25mg/ml]
- Hemoglobin [8.33mg/ml]

In adult non-pregnant women, 17-OHP levels in the blood depend on the phase of the menstrual cycle. Concentrations are generally higher after ovulation. In adult men, there are few indications of similar fluctuations of 17-OHP levels. Like progesterone, 17-OHP is secreted by the mature follicle and the corpus luteum. Maximal levels are found in samples collected between midnight and 8.00 a.m. In addition, levels of 17-OHP are influenced by daytime rhythms which correlate with the adrenal secretion of cortisol.

During pregnancy, large amounts of 17-OHP are produced by the fetus, the placenta and the adrenal cortex. he hormone is secreted into the fetal and the maternal blood circulation17-OHP may also be found in the umbilical cord of newborns. . Maternal values of 17-OHP strongly increase after the 32. week of pregnancy reaching 4-fold higher levels than during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle.

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