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17-beta Estradiol ELISA Kit

Human 17-beta Estradiol ELISA Kit (RE52041) is intended for quantitatively analysing in-vitro concentrations of human 17beta Estradiol.

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96 wells

£ 350.00

Human 17-beta Estradiol ELISA Kit

Specificity : Human
Sensitivity : 9.714 pg/mL.
Assay Range : 25 – 2000 pg/mL.
Size: 96 tests

Reagents Supplied:
- Microtiterwells (12x8 break apart strips) [96 wells]
- Standard (Standard 0-6) [7x 1 ml]
- Enzyme Conjugate  [25 ml]
- TMB Substrate Solution [14 ml]
- Stopping Solution  [14 ml]
- Washing Solution  [30 ml] (40X concentrated);

Key Features:
[1]. Method:  ELISA
[2]. Kit Size: 96 Wells [12x8].
[3]. Standard Range:  25 – 2000 pg/mL
[4]. Incubation Time: 1x 2 h, 1x 15 min.
[5]. Substrate: TMB 450nm
[6]. Volume/Specimen: 25μl serum and plasma
[7].Regulatory Status:  CE, EU

Intended Use:
This human 17-beta Estradiol ELISA is a protocol designed for in vitro quantitative diagnostic determination of human 17beta Estradiol levels in serum or plasma.

This 17-beta estradiol is a solid phase competitive based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Microtiter wells present are coated with a polyclonal rabbit antibody directed towards an antigenic site on the estradiol molecule. Endogenous estradiol obtained from patients will compete with the estradiol-horseradish peroxidase conjugate for binding to the coated antibody. After incubation the unbound conjugate is washed off. The amount of bound peroxidase conjugate is inversely proportional to the concentration of estradiol in the sample. Following the addition of the substrate solution, the intensity of colour developed is inversely proportional to the concentration of estradiol in the patient sample.

Expected Values:
[a]. Males : 10 - 36 pg/mL  [5 – 95% Percentile]
[b]. Females (pre-menopausal):  13 - 191 pg/mL  [5 – 95% Percentile]
[c]. Females (post-menopausal):  11 - 65 pg/mL  [5 – 95% Percentile]  
* Each lab. is recommended to establishes its own normal or abnormal values.

Interfering Substances:
Bilirubin (under 0.5 mg/mL), Haemoglobin (under 4 mg/mL) or Triglyceride (under 30 mg/mL) have no influence on the assay results.

Specificity [Cross Reactivity (%)]:
- 17beta Estradiol [100%]
- Estriol [0.05%]
- Estrone  [0.2%]
- 0% for the following compounds : 11-Deoxycortisol, Androstenedione, 21-Deoxycortisol, Androsterone, Dihydrotestosterone, Corticsterone, Dihydroepiandrosterone, Cortisone, 20-Dihydroprogesterone, Epiandrosterone, 11-Hydroxyprogesterone, 16-Epiestriol, 17alpha-Hydroxyprogesterone, Estradiol-3-sulfate, 17 alpha-Pregnenolone, Estradiol-3-glucoronide, 17 alpha-Progesterone, Estradiol-17 alpha, Pregnanediol, Pregnanetriol, Estriol-16-glucoronide, Pregnenolone, Progesterone, Estrone-3-sulfate, Testosterone, Dehydroepiandrosterone

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