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Adiponectin ELISA Kit

Human Adiponectin ELISA Kit (BV51001) is a diagnostic in-vitro method for quantitative analysis of human adiponectin concentrations.

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96 wells

£ 595.00

Human Adiponectin ELISA Kit

Specificity : Human, plasma, serum
Sensitivity : 0.26ng/ml
Assay Range : 0.1 – 10ng/ml
Size: 96 tests

Reagents Supplied:
- Adiponectin Antigen Coated Microtiter Strips [96 wells]
- Conjugate Solution [7ml]
- Adiponectin Set of Standards conc. [0.22ml/ vial]
- Adiponectin Quality Control HIGH and LOW [2x 0.4ml]
- Dilution Buffer [2 x 13ml]
- Wash Solution Conc. (10x) [100ml]
- Substrate Solution  [2 x 13ml]
- Stop Solution [9ml]
- Data Sheet + Certificate of Analysis [1x]

Key Features:
[1]. Method:  ELISA
[2]. Kit Size: 96 Wells [12x8].
[3]. Standard Range:  0.1 – 10 ng/ml
[4]. Incubation Time: 1 x 2 h , 1 x 15 min
[5]. Substrate: TMB 450nm
[6]. Volume/Specimen: 10μl EDTA plasma, serum.
[7].Regulatory Status:  CE , EU.

Intended Use:
Human adiponectin ELISA kit intended for in vitro quantitatively diagnostic determination of human adiponectin levels in either human plasma or serum samples.

- Human adiponection 100% (both natural or recombinant).
- No cross reactivity for leptin receptor, human leptin and resistin (100 ng/ml).
- No interfererence for bilirubin-mixed isomers (0.4 mg/ml), hemoglobin (5 mg/ml) or triglycerides (0.25 mg/ml).

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