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5'-Nucleotidase Assay Kit

5'-Nucleotidase (5'-NT) assay kit (BQ013-EALD) can be used to measure human 5’-NT (5'-Nucleotidase) enzyme activity within serum samples.

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275 tests

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5'-Nucleotidase Assay Kit [5'-NT]

Linear Range: 0-300 U/L.
Method: Colorimetric, Enzyme (Kinetic).
Wavelength: 550 nm.
Test Size: 275 tests.

Product features of this enzymatic 5'-NT assay include:
1. Liquid two reagents system, which is ready-to-use for both manual method and automated chemistry analyzers (Kinetics).
2. Specific assay for 5’-Nucleotidase with no detectable reaction with other nucleosides.
3. Not affected by serum bilirubin up to 40mg/dL, hemoglobin up to 500 mg/dL, triglycerides up to 1250mg/dL, and ascorbic acid up to 20 mg/dL, alkaline phosphatase up to 1250u/L.

Intended Use:
This kit for 5’-Nucleotidase assay can be utilised in determining the human 5’-NT activity present in serum samples.

Reagents Supplied:
Below is the composition of Reagent 1 (R1) and Reagent 2 (R1) which is provided with this 5'-NT assay kit. The 5'-Nucleotidase assay control can be purchased separately.

Reagent Composition for the following 5'-NT (5'-Nucleotidase)(275 tests):
1. Reagent 1 (R1) 50 mL: 100 mM Goods buffer pH 7.6, 2 mM 4-AA, 0.1 U/mL PNP, 0.2 U/mL XO, 0.6 U/mL Peroxidase, Stablizers.
2. Reagent 2 (R2) 25 mL: 100 mM Goods buffer pH 7.6, 10 mM 5’-inosine monophosphate, 2 mM EHSPT.
3.  5’-NT Control 1.0 mL: 5’-nucleotidase Control is sold separately. [BQ013-EACN].

5’-NT assay kit is linear from 0-300 U/L (r2 >0.99). Please note that if the activity of 5'-NT that is being measured is greater than 300U/L, then the sample needs to be diluted with saline and the final result obtained will need to be multiplied by the dilution factor.

- Intra Assay: CV% less than 4.5%.
- Inter Assay: CV% less than 6%.

Reference Value:
Healthy subjects have a 5’-Nucleotidase activity in the range of 0–10 U/L when this 5'-NT assay kit is used. However, it is recommended that each laboratory should establish its own range of reference values.

The reagents provided with this 5’-Nucleotidase assay kit are stable for 9 months if stored at 2–8°C.

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