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Alpha-L-Fucosidase Assay Kit

Alpha-L-fucosidase (AFU) assay (BQ082-EALD) kit is designed to analyse the enzyme activity of AFU in the serum samples of patients.

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Alpha-L-Fucosidase Assay Kit [AFU]

Linear range: 0-300U/L
Method: Colorimetric Enzyme (Kinetic)
Wavelength: 405n
Test Size: 220 tests.

Product Features:
1. Alpha-L-Fucosidase is a liquid reagent that is ready-to-use for manual method and adaptable for analyzers (Kinetics).
2. It is highly specific assay for AFU and is found to show no detectable reaction with other glycosidases
3. Is not affected by serum bilirubin up to 100mg/dL, hemoglobin up to 200 mg/dL, triglycerides up to 750mg/dL, and ascorbic acid up to 4.4mg/dL.

Intended Use:
This AFU assay kit is designed for the detection of human Alpha-L-Fucosidase activity that is found in patient serum samples.

Reagents Table:
Below is the composition of AFU Reagent 1 (R1) that is supplied with this AFU assay kit. The Alpha-L-fucosidase assay control can be purchased separately.

Reagent composition for this AFU (Alpha-L-fucosidase)(220 tests): Reagent 1 (R1) 2x25 Ml : 100 mM phosphate containing substrate CNP-AFU.

This enzyme AFU assay kit is linear from 0-300 U/L (37 °C).  r2 > 0.99.

- Intra Assay: CV% less than 5.1%.
- Inter Assay: CV% less than 6.2%.

The AFU reagent (R1) must be stored in the dark at  2–8°C and is known to stable for 1 year.

Reference Value
Healthy subjects are known to have AFU activity in the range of 0–40 U/L, or 0-667 nkat/L using this enzyme AFU assay kit. However, must be aware of the possibility of elevated levels of Alpha-L-Fucosidase activity from serum samples of pregnant women. It is recommended that each laboratory should establish its own range of reference values.

1. Cancer, (1992) 70: 1044.  Serum α-L-fucosidase. A useful marker in the diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma. Giardina MG. et al.
2. Oncology, (2000) 59: 310. Value of the serum α-L-fucosidase activity in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer. Ayde D. et al.
3. J. Lab. Clin. Med. (1972) 79: 164. Fucosidsis: diagnosis by serum assay of α-L-fucosidase. Zielke K. et al.

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