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Carbon Dioxide Assay Kit

Carbon dioxide (CO2) assay (BQ007-EAEL) kit is intended for quantitative in vitro enzyme measurement of human CO2  levels in serum or plasma samples.

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300 tests

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Carbon Dioxide Assay Kit [CO2]

Linear range: 1.12-50mmol/L

Method: Colorimetric Enzyme (Kinetic)
Wavelength: 405nm
Test Size: 300 tests.

Product Features:
1. CO2 assay kit is based on two enzyme coupled reactions that result in a reduction in absorbance, this is directly proportional to levels of CO2 present within the measuring sample at 405 or 415nm.
2. Carbon dioxide reagents that are provided are in a ready-to-use format.
3. Interference: Less that 10% at the conc. shown for the following substances; Ascobic Acid (5mg/ml), Bilirubin (40mg/ml), Hemoglobin (200mg/ml), Triglycerides (1000mg/ml), Bilirubin Conjugated (40mg/ml).

Intended Use:
This CO2 assay kit can be utilsed for in vitro quantitative detection of carbon dioxide amounts in the plasma and serum of humans.

Reagents Table:
Below is the composition of CO2 Reagent 1 (R1) that is supplied with this CO2 assay kit. Carbon dioxide assay controls can be purchased separately

Reagents compositins for this CO2 (Carbon dioxide): (300 tests).
A. Reagent R1:   PEPC, MDH, PEP and NADH in buffer.
B. Calibrator: 30mM Sodium Bicarbonate contained in 0.9% saline.
[plus a 0.9% saline is also included that needs to be used as a zero reference].

** Carbon Dioxide Controls can be purchased separately [BQ007-EACN].

The concentration of the results obtained for this CO2 assay kit will be expressed in units if mmol/L (mEq/L).

The following substances normally present in serum produced less than 10% deviation at the listed concentrations when measured using this Carbon dioxide assay kit: bilirubin conjugated at 40 mg/mL, bilirubin at 40 mg/mL, triglycerides at 1000 mg/ml, hemoglobin at 200 mg/ml and ascorbic acid at 5 mg/mL.

Reference Range:
- 22-29mmol/L (plasma and serum samples) for adults.
- 20-28mmol/L (plasma and serum samples) for children or infants.

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