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Creatinine Assay Kit

Creatinine assay (BQ072A-EAKP) kit is a procedure to measure the enzyme levels of creatinine in serum or urine samples.

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200 tests

£ 385.00

Creatinine Assay Kit

Linear range: 0-150mg/dL
Method: Colorimetric Enzyme
Wavelength: 550nm
Test Size: 200 tests.

Product Features:
1. The reagents R1 (liquid) and R2 (liquid) that are supplied with this assay for creatinine are stable liquids that are ready-to-use.
2. A standard is also provided (1ml, 5mg/dL), it is ready to use and stable at 2 – 8 °C.
3. No interference with hemoglobin (200 mg/dl), bilirubin (20 mg/dl), creatine (20mg/dl), ascorbic acid (40mg/dl), glutathione (50mg/dl) and intrafat (5%).
4. Unopened reagent bottles are stable for upto 9 months at 2 – 8 °C

Intended Use:
Creatinine assay kit is a method that can be used to determine quantitative levels of creatinine in urine and serum samples.

Reagent Table: (200 tests)
The chemical reagents which are provided with this creatinine enzyme assay kit are shown below.

Reagent composition for this creatinine kit (220 tests):
1. R1 (liquid) 60 mL: Goods 50 mmol/L, pH 8.25, Creatinase (50 U/mL), Sarcosine oxidase (30 U/mL), Catalase (80U/mL).
2. R2 (liquid) 20 mL: Creatininase (60U/mL), Peroxidase (20 U/mL).
3. Creatinine kit standard  1 mL: 5 mg/dL (442 μmole/L).

This assay for creatinine is linear upto 150mg/dL.

No significant interference was obtained for the below substance at the concentration shown.
- 50mg/dl, glutathione
- 200 mg/dl, hemoglobin
- 20mg/dl, creatine
- 20 mg/dl, bilirubin
- 5%, intrafat
- 40mg/dl, ascorbic acid.

Reagent Stability:
Creatinine reagents for this assay kit are stable for 9 months at 2 – 8°C (unopened).

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