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Homocysteine Assay Kit

Homocysteine (Hcy) assay (BQ002-EACD) kit is designed for in vitro quantitative enzyme detection of Hcy (L-homocysteine) levels in samples of either plasma or serum.

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96 tests

£ 630.00

Homocysteine Assay Kit (Hcy)

Linear range: 0-150 μmole/L

Method: Enzyme, Cycling
Wavelength: 340nm
Test Size: 96 tests.

Product Features:
1. The reagents R1 (liquid), R2 (liquid) and R3 (liquid) which are contained in this homocysteine assay kit can be stored at 2-4°C. Please do not FREEZE.
2. Two homocysteine (Hcy) assay calibrators are also provided, these are in a ready to use.
3. Please use the Cobas Mira blank and calibrator 2 solution (28.5 μM), if using Cobas Mira application.

Intended Use:
Homocysteine assay kit is an in-vitro method for quantitative analysis of human L-homocysteine amounts in serum and plasma samples.

Reagent Table (96 tests)
The chemical reagents which are supplied with this assay kit for homocysteine determination are shown below:

1. Homocysteine Reagent 1: 2 x 25 mL.
2. Homocysteine Reagent 2: 2 x 4 mL.
3. Homocysteine Reagent 3: 1 x 6 mL.
4. Homocysteine Calibrators: 2 x 3 mL.
5. Cobas Mira Blank Solution: 1 x 3 mL.
controls can be be bought separately to use alongside this kit to assay homocysteine (please contact us if you require more information)

Reference Range:
In most laboratories 15 μmol/L is used as the cut-off value for normal level of homocysteine (Hcy) found in adults.

Interference results: 
The below substances at the concentrations shown that are normally present in the serum produced less than 10% deviation when this kit was used to assay for homocysteine:
- 20 μM cystathionine
- 1 mM L-cysteine
- 100 μM adenosine
- 500 μM NH4+
- 10 mM ascorbic acid
- 0.5 mM glutathione
- 1200 mg/dl haemoglobin
- 1 mM NaPi
- 2500 mg/dl triglyceride
- 1 mM NaF
- 20 mg/dl bilirubin

Quality Control:
A set of normal and abnormal ranges of homocysteine controls can be purchased separately (Cat. No. BQ001-EACN) and these can be used with this kit to assay for homocysteine levels.

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