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Potassium Assay Kit

Potassium (K) assay (BQ010-EAEL) kit is an in vitro quantitative enzyme method to detect the amounts of potassium (K) ions in fresh serum.

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720 tests

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Potassium Assay Kit

Linear Range: 2-8mmol/L.
Method: Enzymatic (Kinetic).
Wavelength: 438nm.
Test Size: 720 tests.

Product features:
1. There are no special specimen handling or pre-treatment required for this kit to perform the potassium assay.
2. Fresh serum samples should be tested straight after collection.
3. All reagents provided for this kit to assay potassium concentrations are in a ready to use liquid format and should be stored at 2–8°C.
4. Two potassium calibrators (3ml) are also included with this potassium assay.
5. No interference was detected for the following substances at concentrations indicated: Na+ (150mM), NH4+ (0.5mM), Ca2+ (7.5mM), Pi (2.0mM), Fe3+ (0.5mM), Cu2+ (0.5mM), Zn2+ (0.5mM), ascorbic acid (10.0mM), triglycerides (1000mg/dL), conjugated bilirubin (20mg/dL), and unconjugated bilirubin (15mg/dL) and hemoglobin (500mg/dL).

Intended Use:
Potassium assay kit is designed for quantitative in vitro measurement of potassium (K) levels in fresh serum samples.

Reagents Table: (720 tests)
Below is the composition of Reagent 1 (R1) and Reagent 2 (R1) which is provided with this potassium assay kit.
[A]. R1 Liquid Stable Reagent, LDH, substrate, NADH analog, azide, and stabilizers: 4 x 40 mL.
[B]. R2 Liquid Stable Reagent, Pyruvate Kinase, azide, and stabilizers: 4 x 10 mL.
[C]. Potassium Calibrator 1: 1 x 3 mL.
[D]. Potassium Calibrator 2: 1 x 3 mL.

Reference Range:
The expected normal range of potassium level in human serum is refernced to be ranging from 3.5 to 5.1mM (13.7-19.9 mg/dL).

Detection Limits:
The detection limit  of this liquid stable assy kit for potassium as per EP 17-A guidelines is 0.87 mM K+.

Limitations of the Procedure:
This assay kit potassium is intended for use with human serum sample only.

Low and high potassium calibrators are included which are ready to use. They are stable up to expiration date when stored under 2 – 8 °C.

The below listed substances at the concentrations indicated have be found to not interfer with this potassium (K) assay kit:
- 500mg/dL hemoglobin
- 15mg/dL unconjugated bilirubin
- 20mg/dL conjugated bilirubin
- 1000mg/dL triglycerides
- 0.5mM Fe3+
- 0.5mM Zn2+
- 0.5mM Cu2+
- 150mM Na+
- 7.5mM Ca2+
- 10.0mM ascorbic acid
- 0.5mM NH4+
- 2.0mM Pi

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