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Rapid Fecal Occult Blood Test Strip

Fecal Occult Blood Test Strip (FOB)(BQ 002-RTCC) is intended for rapid qualitative detection of human hemoglobin in human fecal specimens.

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FOB Test Strip

- Specimen needs to be collected in the collection tube which already contains sample extraction buffer. Next add this to the rapid FOB test strip device.
- Mixture travels along the membrane by a capillary action and then reacts with anti-h hemoglobin antibody that is coated on the test region.
- If h hemoglobin is present at levels of 50ng/mL or greater, the result is the formation of a coloured band in the test region.
- If there is no h hemoglobin in the sample, the area will remain colourless.
- The sample continues to move to the control area where goat anti-mouse IgG will capture gold antibody conjugate to form a pink to purple colour, indicating the test is working and the result is valid.
- FOB Test kit  is an immunochromatographic sandwich assay.

Results Interpretation:
1. Positive: If two coloured bands are visible within 3 minutes, the test result is positive and valid.
Note: Specimens containing very low levels of h hemoglobin may develop two coloured bands over 10 minutes.
2. Negative: If test area has no coloured band and the control area displays a coloured band, the result is negative and valid.
3. Invalid result: The test result is invalid if a coloured band does not form in the control region. The sample must be retested using a new test device.

Reagents Supplied:
[A]. Fecal Occult Blood Test device: The amount of each coated antigen and/or antibody on the strip is less than 1.0 mg for antigen conjugate and is less than 1.0 mg for goat anti-mouse IgG antibody.
- Rapid FOB strip [Test zone]: contains mice monoclonal anti-hemoglobin antibody.
- Rapid FOB strip [Control zone]: contains goat anti-mouse IgG antibody.
- Rapid FOB strip [Conjugate pad]: contains gold-mice monoclonal anti-hemoglobin antibody conjugate.
[B]. Fecal specimen collection tube: The collection tube contains 2 ml of 50 mM Tris buffer, pH 7.6.
[C]. Instructions for use

Performance Characteristics: Sensitivity of this rapid test FOB strip is 12.5 μg h hemoglobin/g feces or 50 ng/mL h hemoglobin.

Quality Control:
We recommend that a positive control, containing between 50–200 ng/mL h haemoglobin and a negative control, 0 ng/mL h hemoglobin be used with this test strip FOB . Control materials, which are not provided with this test kit, are commercially available.

- Occult blood in human fecal specimen is associated with gastrointestinal diseases which could result in colorectal cancer if not treated promptly and properly.
- Colorectal cancer is the well known to be the third most common cancer in the world.
- FOB - is normally defined as a blood loss of less than 50 mL/d.

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